Lyndon Froese

Hi, I'm Lyndon Froese.

I'm a podcast host, writer, computer programmer and graphic designer. I used to be a radio personality on 680 CJOB (Winnipeg) and 770 CHQR (Calgary). Before that I published an online magazine. Before that I was a musician and recording engineer. I've performed in and written several musical theatre shows. When I was a kid I liked to draw pictures and was fascinated by the rules of sports.

I split my time between an off-the-grid cabin in Whiteshell Provincial Park, a house in Winnipeg's inner city and a small 1970s yacht.

My current focus is experiments in building online education tools.

Photo above by Emily Christie.

Twitter: @lyndonfroese
Instagram: @lyndonfroese
Facebook: lyndonf
Phone: 204-509-3894

Education tools

"Pacing Thing"

An experimental system to help independent learners learn together.

Radio / podcast

Good Luck Out There

Fascinating experience, being human. This is a mini podcast for people who want to live interestedly. Comes out every weekday.

Biped Radio - Guide to Camping

Along with my friends, I used to produce a radio show for 680 CJOB in Winnipeg. This episode is an example.

Sunday Night with Greg Glatz

For several years I did a weekly feature on Sunday Night, a radio show syndicated in Winnipeg and Calgary on the Corus Radio Network.

Lake Time

A podcast I co-host for Lake of the Woods Brewing Company.


Random phone calls with people behind cultural phenomena, including the guy who wrote the By Mennen jingle, the winningest Jeopardy player in the world, a woman who makes space suits for NASA. Basic research into the things human creatures do with their time.


Royal Canoe - The Hunt

A treasure hunt app for the only copy of Royal Canoe's new album, which is buried somewhere.

Timeline Notation

A computer file/data format for creating visual timelines for audiobooks and podcasts. It's a bit like HTML for audio.

Sound Page

A podcast publishing platform for the web.


Electricity 1

A mini-course about electric circuits. I'm currently making a new version. No pun intended, I swear.


What People Do for Fun in the Woods

I was hired to write this book for Falcon Trails Resort. I live at the resort sometimes. The book is a series of stories about the funny characters around there.

Independent Streak

A mini book about the rules I followed for a decade of self-employed freelancing. Philosophies on customer service, skill development and running a solo business.


Geez magazine hired me to make mischief on a Christian singles cruise.

Genesis 1

How the Earth was created in 1.1 trillion days.


Technical manual design

A technical manual for Timeline Notation made to be clear, beautiful and entertaining.

Book layout

Design of book layout for What People Do for Fun in the Woods.

Podcast artwork

Illustration and layout for Lake Time, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company's podcast.

Index for online magazine

A magazine/website table of contents, made in an unusual way to suit requirements.

Stove labels

Labels for my friend Emily's stove so that no one turns on the wrong element.


Broken Paddle Coffee Roastery commercial

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company commercial

The Wild Things

I played Max in Flying Fox and the Hunter-Gatherers' original rock opera based on Where The Wild Things Are. It was featured in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival where it won Best of Fringe.

Other random projects

Base 12 clocks

Some peculiar clocks I tried to market.

Chez Froese

I'm proud of this outhouse I built. In exchange, I got to stay in an off-the-grid ski-in cabin for the winter.

"Congratulations" hats

Some hats I had made as a wedding gift. The worst and best wedding gift I've given.

Other random services

Lyndon's Karaoke Palace

I believe in karaoke. Karaoke Palace is my karaoke hosting service.

Stage hosting

I've done a fair amount of stage hosting and MCing.