Lyndon Froese

Hi, I'm Lyndon Froese.

I'm a writer, computer programmer and graphic designer. I used to be a radio personality and producer – still am sometimes. Before that I published an online magazine. Before that I was a musician and recording engineer. I've performed in and written several musical theatre shows. When I was a kid I liked to draw pictures and was fascinated by the rules of sports.

Photo above by Emily Christie.

Contact me / 204-509-3894

Some of my work


Timeline Notation

A computer file/data format for creating visual timelines for audiobooks and podcasts. It's a bit like HTML for audio.

Sound Page

A podcast publishing platform for the web.

Writing and radio:

What People Do for Fun in the Woods

A book commissioned by a resort where I live off and on. It's a series of stories about the funny characters around there.

Biped Radio Guide to Camping

Along with my friends, I used to produce a radio show for a commercial radio station in Winnipeg. This episode is an example.


Random phone calls with people behind cultural phenomena. Basic research into the things human creatures do with their time.

The Christian Singles Cruise

The time I was hired to go on a Christian singles cruise.


An experiment in extremely short podcasts. ~30-60 second episodes.

Monologues (newer ones)

More extremely short podcasts.

Genesis 1

Genesis 1, using science language.


Technical manual design

I tried to make a technical manual for Timeline Notation that was both clear, beautiful and even entertaining.

Circular Index for Online Magazine

A solution to a design challenge that turned out pretty well.

Book layout

Design of book layout for What People Do for Fun in the Woods.

Stove Labels

Labels for my friend Emily's stove so that no one turns on the wrong element.

Other random projects:

Base 12 Clocks

Some peculiar clocks I tried to market.

Chez Froese

I'm proud of this outhouse I built. In exchange, I got to stay in an off-the-grid ski-in cabin for the winter.

"Congratulations" hats

Some hats I had made as a wedding gift. The worst and best wedding gift I've given.

Other random services:

Stage hosting

I've done a fair amount of stage hosting and MCing.