Lyndon Froese

Hi, I'm Lyndon Froese. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a computer programmer, graphic designer and writer. I used to be a radio personality and producer. Before that I published an online magazine. Before that I was a musician and recording engineer. I performed in and wrote musical theatre. When I was a kid I liked to draw pictures and was fascinated by the rules of sports.

Photo above by Emily Christie. That's her dog Sumac too.


Timeline Notation
[file format]

Illustration by Ben Clarkson

Timeline Notation is a file format for creating visual timelines for audiobooks and podcasts. It's a bit like HTML for audio.

What People Do for Fun in the Woods
[creative non-fiction book]

Photo by Hillarie Tache

What People Do for Fun in the Woods, a book about Falcon Trails Resort, a place out in the forest in Canada where I currently live.

I love hearing from folks, so please drop me a line for any reason.