Lyndon Froese

Hi, I'm Lyndon Froese.

I'm a writer, computer programmer and graphic designer. I used to be a radio personality and producer. Before that I published an online magazine. Before that I was a musician and recording engineer. I've performed in and written several musical theatre shows. When I was a kid I liked to draw pictures and was fascinated by the rules of sports.

Photo above by Emily Christie.

Some examples of my work:

Computers and design:

Timeline Notation

A computer file/data format for creating visual timelines for audiobooks and podcasts. It's a bit like HTML for audio.

Sound Page

A blogging platform which uses my Timeline Notation format.

Writing and radio:

What People Do for Fun in the Woods

A book commissioned by a resort where I used to live. It's a series of stories about the funny characters around there.

Biped Radio Guide to Camping

Along with my friends, I used to produce a radio show for a commercial radio station in Winnipeg. This episode is an example.

Other random stuff:

Base 12 Clocks

Some peculiar clocks I tried to market.

Better Stove Labels

Everyone was always turning on the wrong element on my friend Emily's stove. One time I even turned it on thinking "I finally got it" only to return later to find the kettle cold and a red-hot element elsewhere on the stove. It was all because of poorly designed labels. I made these labels for her and I'm proud of them.

Contact: or 204-509-3894.